To move beyond the accurate timing of most contemporary music, a re-introduction of analogue material science is proposed to facilitate erratic timing signals.


2 x NANDulators from the design of PHoBoS

4 x Little Gate Sequencers from the design of PHoBoS

Variable rate drum sample playback Oberheim DMX module from a design by Tom Wiltshire

Bentley Rhythm Ace Full Manual (adapted additive)

Symetrix Quad Gate

Audionics Distribution Amplifier

2 x Sony DPS-D7

Sony DPS-R7

2 x Sony SRP-1200 compressors

Zoom R16


Basic continuous pulse streams were generated from two NANDulators and through the step division of Little Gate Sequencers trigger the inputs of the drum modules. Various submixes from the original were distributed to delay units. Recording of compressed streams to SD card.

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Results -

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Little Gate

DMX drums

In one city in a far west province,

many of the streets are dug up and left unattended.

The machinery lays forgotten,

frequented only by an occasional drunk deliriously pretending to operate it,

during a hot afternoon.

Often visitors to the city will report waking violently from a dream,

just as a steamroller bears towards them while they are buried up to the neck in tarmac.

'Writing is not a basic skill' - Larry Mcenerney


School curriculum writing barely prepares a pupil for anything more than writing a memo and when tasked with engaging a knowledgeable reader it is entirely insufficient. Furthermore, let's not overlook that teachers read student texts because they are paid to care about them.

At the other end of the scale, in complex thinking, an expert uses writing to help collect, organise and clarify; yet this is also next to useless when communicating with target readers.

Value is what our reader is primarily looking for above all else and writing must become the device to convey that in a persuasive manner. In addition, a degree of instability through the strategies of conflict and challenge must be set up to encourage the reader into the text but without unnecessary arrogance.

which of the following will be read?

Hey readers, community, I've read your stuff, I know what great work you've done AND I have something to say

Hey readers, community, I've read your stuff, I know what great work you've done BUT you're wrong

Readers of different topics will have their own codes and instabilities that must be leveraged by the wily writer; those previously successful texts that are found must be dissected by reading and then using the skills of simulation applied to our lacklustre text. This process will yield a veritable library of transition words that can be used to entice our reader into the text.

Whilst this may seem underhand to many, the function of a successful writer is to move the conversation forward; it is not to preserve their beloved thoughts indefinitely.


Earlier this week, Philip Hammond declared that leaving the EU by Oct 31 without a Withdrawal Agreement would be a disaster and that his purpose was to stop that happening. He went further, claiming that to leave without a deal was a betrayal of the referendum result. No one, he maintained, voted to leave without a deal.

Other Remainers have intoned similarly (and endlessly) that no one voted to lose their jobs or to be poorer, as though they had some incredible insight into not just what motivated those who voted Leave, but also into the consequences of our departure. This is, of course, utter nonsense. 


Iain Duncan Smith - Telegraph 16 August 2019

Using a MC14018, a clock input 1 was divided by 10 using the feedback method for the 4018.The Q5 and input pins were tied and sent to output A. Load and reset were grounded.

A second clock input 2 was sent to the NAND gate alongside the output from the above section. This output was sent to B and also to an inverter to provide an AND function, which was output at C.

Division by 10 was used because of the frequency of the clock; any other division under ten is possible. For odd division, two diodes can be used with a pull up resistor to MML an AND gate.