To move beyond the accurate timing of most contemporary music, a re-introduction of analogue material science is proposed to facilitate erratic timing signals.


2 x NANDulators from the design of PHoBoS

4 x Little Gate Sequencers from the design of PHoBoS

Variable rate drum sample playback Oberheim DMX module from a design by Tom Wiltshire

Bentley Rhythm Ace Full Manual (adapted additive)

Symetrix Quad Gate

Audionics Distribution Amplifier

2 x Sony DPS-D7

Sony DPS-R7

2 x Sony SRP-1200 compressors

Zoom R16


Basic continuous pulse streams were generated from two NANDulators and through the step division of Little Gate Sequencers trigger the inputs of the drum modules. Various submixes from the original were distributed to delay units. Recording of compressed streams to SD card.

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Little Gate

DMX drums